3D printing service

We are able to print in a range of materials, from our standard range to engineering resins which offer enhanced properties designed to outperform in various situations

Dimensional accuracy and repetibility

Combined with CAD expertise, 3D Scanning & Product Design, we can provide your required solution all in-house

coffe maker grip replacement

The black grip needs to be replaced. The final aim is to 3D print a new part in order to replace the old one

grip 3d scanning

Thanks to our non-contact 3D scanner we have been able to digitize the grip at  +/- 0.035 mm (accuracy)

grip STL scan data

In less than 15 minutes we have obtained a standard STL file that contains all features at high resolution

scan data healing

The scan data have been imported within a dedicated software useful to smooth and clean the surface

grip cad re-design

In order to get the best quality possible we have  re-designed the grip by using a CAD software

grip 3d printing

A 3D slicing software prepares the file to 3D printing: layer thinkness, type of material, infill and supports

grip prototype

The grip has been printed in ABS in 1.45 hours-ish (layer thikness: 0.09 mm)

grip final 3d printing

The new grip


mouse abs prototype

Mouse. 3D printed part (ABS)

mouse abs finishing

Finished 3D printed part

bottle 3d cad file

Perfume bottle. CAD file

3d printing slicing

3D printing slicing

3d printed model primer

Printed part

finished 3d prototype

Finished 3D printed part

handle 3d printing

CAD Re-design from scan data

handle 3d printing

3D printed part plus finishing

ABS propeller

Impeller, diameter 45 mm (ABS)

shoe heel

High heel. Original

shoe heel 3d scan data

3D scan data

shoe heel cad redesign

Re-design from scan data

heel 3d printing

3D printed model (ABS)

3d printed model primer

Printed part

  • Layer thickness: 0.09 mm
  • Material: ABS Z-Ultrat
  • Infill: 20%
finished 3d prototype

Finishing & painting

handle 3d printing

Buckle. CAD Re-design from scan data

handle 3d printing

3D printing slicing

buckle 3d print

Final model: 45 mm x 35 mm x 7 mm

brass dragon top surface

Brass dragon. 3D scan data (Top)

brass dragon top surface

Brass dragon. 3D scan data (Back)

brass dragon 3d print

3D printed part